Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions for the use of space, facilities and equipment of the Incubator for the Processing of Bee Products in Bee Will, Poland

The entire area of ​​the Incubator is covered by video monitoring and a system of securing access to separate utility zones for people authorized to use scheduled activities.

The aim of the Incubator is to support its users in ensuring access to the facility and technologies that meet high educational and service standards as well as sanitary and epidemiological requirements related to the processing of bee products.

The Terms & Conditions regulate the rules of using the infrastructure and equipment of the Bee Products Processing Incubator Bee Will, Poland (hereinafter referred to as the Incubator) by users (customers).

Customers are responsible for knowing the content of the Regulations.

Customers are required to:

– conform to the principles and policies enlisted therein,

– sign a lease agreement for the incubator’s infrastructure and equipment before using them,

– fill out and sign the Incubator usage form as part of the Incubator usage register,

– comply with the rules and regulations of health and safety related to the use of rooms and equipment,

– remove any waste generated during the usage of the incubator from the facility at their own expense.


The incubator is made available to users (clients), after prior reservation filed to the manager of the Incubator or an employee authorized by him.

All reservations are made directly by telephone, by e-mail at the email address inkubator@powiat.lublin.pl or personally at the Incubator’s office and must include the planned date and scope of use of the Incubator.

Reservations are available to clients who (and / or their employees) have a valid medical certificate for sanitary and epidemiological purposes, have undergone health and safety training and have knowledge of the operation of equipment in the Incubator’s premises and have to be approved by the Incubator’s staff.

In the case of many applications for the same rental period, the Incubator’s staff will offer to rent the Incubator’s premises proportionally to the size of the reservation, so that the largest number of users can use it.

Reservations of one or more entities may not result in the lack of access to the Incubator’s premises by other users, as long as they meet the conditions for renting the premises and equipping the Incubator.

Long-term reservations:

It is possible to book rooms and equipment of the Incubator over a longer period, on the basis of a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly schedule.

Access to the facility:

Access to the rooms and equipment of the Incubator is possible either in the presence of an Incubator employee or independently after being given instructions and written consent by an employee of the Incubator.

Access to the rooms and equipment, along with checking the condition of the rooms and devices and their cleanliness, checking and approving the sanitary requirements for the customers must be recorded by making an entry in the incubator usage register. Each use will be approved by an employee of the Incubator.

The assessment of the client’s experience level that allows for independent use of the Incubator’s premises and equipment belongs to its staff and is the responsibility of the Incubator manager.

Additional time:

Customers are expected to use the Incubator’s premises for their needs and keep them clean during the rented time. Failure to fit within the timeframe allocated for the use of the Incubator’s rooms and equipment by the Customer may result in the rejection of subsequent reservations made by that Customer. Each case will be analyzed individually.

Cancelling the reservation:

The Incubator applies a strict policy of cancelling existing booking of rooms and equipment of the Incubator, in order to ensure the maximum level of their usability by customers. Reservations can be canceled without consequences up to 3 days prior to the date of their commencement.

All cancellations made by the Client must be made in writing. It is allowed to submit a resignation via e-mail.

It is not possible to cancel the reservation by phone.

Transfer of the reservation:

In the event of the anticipated non-use of previously reserved rooms or equipment, the booking may be transferred to other Customer who meet the requirements for access to the Incubator and who are able to use the rooms at the time previously planned by the original booking made by the original Customer. For this purpose, the Client who has a valid reservation should notify the manager of the Incubator about this fact. The Incubator Manager decides whether to accept the transfer.


Payments for the use of the rooms and equipment of the Incubator are calculated on the basis of the average costs of operating the premises and devices such as: used electricity cost, used water cost, costs of keeping the premises clean, costs of equipment maintenance and repairs, service costs.

The prices are included in the price list available on the Incubator’s website and in the Incubator’s office.

Shared use of premises and equipment:

The rooms and equipment of the Incubator are rented only for exclusive use by the Customer during the time reserved by them, it is permissible to use the rooms simultaneously by several users (Customers) who deal with a different type of production, i.e. also use different devices.

Devices and equipment:

The devices and equipment made available in the Incubator’s premises that are the subject of the lease, at the disposal of the Customer, are listed in Appendix 1. Equipment and items in the Incubator’s stock not listed in the abovementioned Appendix are not at the customer’s disposal. It also explains that along with the rental of premises and equipment, the Incubator does not provide basic raw materials and additives used in the processes that can be implemented in its space.

Using the rooms and keeping them clean:

Customers are expected to keep the facility clean, at all times and meeting the relevant sanitary requirements. It is not allowed to drill, pierce, stick or in any other way destroy the walls or furnishings of the Incubator premises. Any devices and equipment in these rooms must not be destroyed in the same way. Failure to comply with these rules will result in penalties and / or loss of usage right and previous reservations including reservation fees. It should be remembered that for any penalties incurred by the Incubator as a result of inspections of sanitary services, and resulting directly from failure to comply with sanitary and epidemiological requirements by the Client, the Incubator will charge the Client adequately. Failure to follow the rules of using and leaving the equipment and rooms clean according to the Incubator’s requirements will result in the imposition of a penalty. Serious violations in this respect may lead to a temporary suspension or prohibition of the Customer’s future use of the Incubator’s premises and equipment. In the event of a suspension or ban, all bookings made by the Customer will be immediately canceled and all the reservation fees will be kept by the Incubator.

Cleaning agents and equipment:

The incubator provides cleaning agents and basic equipment. The costs of cleaning products are included in the fee for the use of the Incubator’s rooms and equipment.

Leaving the premises:

Leaving the Incubator’s premises takes place in the presence of an Incubator employee who takes over.

Additional information:
Annexes in the form of attachments constitute an integral part of these Regulations:

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